Scale Services and Repair Maywood, IL

Scale Services and Repair Maywood, IL for the Maywood, IL area.

We sell, rent, and repair a complete line of scales. We will provide you with a consultation on the correct weighing equipment for your application needs. We can install, test, calibrate and certify all equipment on site.

Accurate Scale Company has determined the best way to maintain the accuracy and compliance to all weigh scale regulatory requirements. This is regularly scheduled maintenance. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to extend the life and accuracy of the weighing equipment, regardless of manufacturer. This is not a contract and can be cancelled at any time.

Accurate Scale staff will work with our clients to customize a maintenance schedule that suites their needs and keeps all their important scale equipment working to the best of its ability. Part of our preventative maintenance includes regular lubrication of scales, pit cleaning of truck scales, calibrations, and even overhauls and upgrades of existence weighing systems without the cost of purchasing a new scale. Our service technicians will make the best recommendations to our clients and assist them in developing a service plan that works for them and ensures all systems meet specified operating requirements.

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