RiceLake Model Roughdeck AX Portable Axle Scale

RiceLake Model Roughdeck AX Portable Axle Scale

The RoughDeck AX system includes four on/off ramps and two treaded top plate_x000D_ _x000D_ Combined with the Tuff Seal signal trim junction box and Survivor EL147HE cable the RoughDeck AX system is the ideal portable solution for on site vehicle weighing


  • System includes two scales and four on/off ramps
  • Axle capacity – tandem platforms – 60,000 lb (two scales 30,000 lb each)
  •  32 in W x 84 in L x 6 in H
  • 30,000 lb
  • Contains four environmentally sealed, IP67 20,000 lb loadcells
  • Treaded top plate with side access junction box
  • JB4SS TuffSeal® Signal Trim junction box
  • Top access foot adjustment holes
  • Carbon steel captured ball feet
  • 20 ft Survivor EL147HE cable
  • 32 in W x 60 in L x 6 in H
  • Treaded top plate
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