OIML Loadcells

OIML Loadcells

International Organization of Legal Metrology is a world-wide organization whose aims are to standardise regulations and metrological controls applied by the Weights and Measures of its member states. OIML certified load cells can be used as a module in Type Approval Certificates (TACs) throughout Europe.


This high-performance product is the standard in many of todays postal or price computing scales. This very low profile three-beam designed single point is insensitive to off-center loads, which is a critical element in providing accurate results. The 1030 is also coated with a unique humidity-resistant protective coating to assure long-term stability in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. This model is available in capacities ranging from 3 to 15 kg, and comes standard with a 1 m/3.3′ cable.
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